Anita Walsh

ART is a verb


I find inspiration in the Temptress Poppy who—when she bumps into something—grows around it creating an amazing curve. The flower bobbles on this imperfect stem and I note this. Why do we work so hard toward order when imperfection and chaos can be so lovely?

My work celebrates the simple rituals that we do every day: applying a bandaid to a cut, scrubbing the floor, noticing a rubber band snap, buying potatoes, planting seeds. I look to these mundane tasks for inspiration and create pieces in response. Viewers feel relaxed by the familiarity of my materials (the smell of crayons takes them back to youth) but ultimately the work challenges them to reflect and discuss a deeper meaning: respect, commitment, courage, joy.

For the last several years, I have created site-specific pieces and collaborative responses to current happenings. I am interested in the process of making art—the challenge and possibility of creating new objects—and then setting them free to challenge others and change in time. Much of my work embraces transformation or decay—objects showing their wear over time and becoming, to my eye, more beautiful and more interesting.

My work creates a pathway from the world of physical sensation to imagination and psychological projection. An inner dialogue begins between our voices of utility and possibility. In a single moment, ordinary objects become tools for self-reflection and mindfulness. Visitors to my work witness the natural cycle of evolution while participating in redefining the meaning of an object in a moment of time.

Art is an action at every stage—thinking, creating, lingering, and viewing. As we speed through life, obsessed with making things perfect—and communicating in multiple ways as we do—I am making excuses to look slower, ask questions, and enjoy the curves. I bump into things and make art to grow around them.

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