Anita Walsh

ART is a verb


ART IS A VERB is an adventurous art making camp in Brooklyn for kids — who want to dive deeply into their creativity.

Enrollment is limited to ten artists to ensure each creator receives plenty of personal challenge, guidance and feedback to develop his/her work and ideas.

The philosophy behind ART IS A VERB CAMP is focused on process rather than product making. While artists question, imagine, draw, plan and make things, along the way they are encouraged to explore mistakes, change their minds, develop ideas — and live in a conversation between materials, ideas, peers and possibilities.

This kind of focused art making develops curiosity, problem solving, resilience and confidence.

This summer, Anita and Melanie will host two sessions:

Session One : Monday, July 8th – Friday, July 12th : P R I N T M A K I N G  :  SOLD OUT

Session Two : Monday July 29th – Friday, August 2nd : P R I N T M A K I N G

Depending on interest additional mediums/processes may be included.

KIDS 8-11 | Limit of 10 | 9-2 PM (with option for extended day)

D E T A I L S 

Anita Walsh has over twenty years of experience working with artists of all ages. Certified/Licensed K-12 Teaching in New York State.

Melanie Fischer is a three dimensional textile artist who creates installations that celebrate nature. She has taught in private and public schools for the last seventeen years.

Camp is located in Lefferts Garden.

The cost for this insured camp is $500. Art supplies and snacks included.

Contact : Anita Walsh or Melanie Fischer